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800 expected to apply for summer jobs at Scan: "A fun challenge"

HKScan usually recruits its own summer staff.
However, this will not be the case this year as Wikan Personal has been given the assignment.
– We expect that there will be around 700 to 800 applications, says Recruitment Assistant Sara Nilsson.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 23 januari 2023
HKScan brukar rekrytera sin sommarpersonal själva.
HKScan brukar rekrytera sin sommarpersonal själva.

Summer is still a long way off, but that doesn’t mean that employers aren’t already planning how to solve the staffing situation when the regular staff are on holiday.

HKScan in Kristianstad are looking for 120 to 150 summer temps this year.

"The need has been pretty constant over the years and is at the same level as usual this year," writes Charlotta Abrahamsson, Communications Manager, in an email.

Usually they handle the summer recruitment themselves, but this year the task has been assigned to Wikan Personal, a staffing and recruitment company in Kristianstad.

"This year, the HR team needed external reinforcement and we therefore approached Wikan. They have good knowledge of us as a company, good local knowledge and in the past our experience with them has been positive," writes Charlotta Abrahamsson.

Sara Nilsson, Recruiter at Wikan Personal, is pleased about the assignment.

– We see it as a fun challenge; she says and acknowledges that an enormous task awaits them.

– We are looking for approximately 100 holiday temps – but there could be more.

The reason that Wikan Personal is not responsible for recruiting all summer temps is because HKScan are responsible for the previous summer temps who are returning. Wikan Personal will only know how many to recruit when HKScan are finished with their internal recruitment. The new employees are hired and then given training by HKScan.

Produktionsanläggningen i Kristianstad, som har cirka 700 anställda, är företagets största anläggning för styckning och slaktning av grisar.
Produktionsanläggningen i Kristianstad, som har cirka 700 anställda, är företagets största anläggning för styckning och slaktning av grisar.Foto: Johan Nilsson / TT

It is expected that the majority of summer jobs will be taken by young people who are in search of work experience. During the period from June to August they will work with packaging, manufacturing, loading and unloading.

- After the summer, there is the possibility of an extension. We are very pleased that we can help people into work and hopefully further in their careers, says Nilsson.

During a normal summer, HKScan usually has around 600 applicants for its summer temp positions. This year there are expected to be even more.

The ads for the summer jobs will be published before the end of the month. The application period will then last until the end of February.

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