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Number of covid cases increases – CSK steps up state of emergency

The covid infection is on the increase again. More patients have been admitted to Centralsjukhuset i Kristianstad (CSK). Now the hospitals in Kristianstad and Hässleholm have stepped up their preparations to meet the crisis.
– Wash your hands, keep your distance, stay at home if you have a cold. And get vaccinated if you have not already done so, says hospital director Johan Cosmo.
– The general public must help us with this.
Kristianstad/Hässleholm • Publicerad 17 november 2021
More and more have caught covid-19. On Monday there were 9 in-patients at CSK, on Tuesday 13, including one in intensive care.
More and more have caught covid-19. On Monday there were 9 in-patients at CSK, on Tuesday 13, including one in intensive care.Foto: Ole Berg-Rusten

On Monday there were 9 in-patients at CSK.

– Today there are 13, one of whom is in intensive care, says Johan Cosmo, hospital director at CSK.

– Half of the in-patients have been vaccinated. They are aged 65 and over. If they had not been vaccinated there would most likely be more cases in intensive care and more deaths, he says.

Johan Cosmo, hospital director at CSK.
Johan Cosmo, hospital director at CSK.Foto: Bosse Nilsson

The other half, mostly younger, have not been vaccinated.

– The over-65s are more at risk. We would like them to have their third dose of vaccine. As well as everyone who has not been vaccinated at all. It is those who have not been vaccinated who are responsible for passing the infection on, he says.

He says the staff are fantastic.

– But they beg me to ask the public to stay at home if they have a cold, wash their hands, keep their distance and get vaccinated. The public must help us to cope with this.

CSK and the hospital in Hässleholm have now reverted to their state of emergency to be able to make decisions more quickly.

– Hopefully we won't have to keep this state of emergency for long.

How does it feel now that covid is on the increase again?

– It's extremely discouraging. Everything that we all could feel glad about, to be able to go back to a more normal situation, now we see that it isn't working. It's very sad.

– But I'm quite sure that we health workers will manage the situation satisfactorily this time as well. We're giving it all we've got, but we need help from the public too.

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