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No longer possible to buy tickets on board after New Year

After New Year it will no longer be possible to buy tickets using a credit card on board Skånetrafiken's regional buses.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 21 september 2023
Carina Zachau (M), kollektivtrafiknämndens ordförande
Carina Zachau (M), kollektivtrafiknämndens ordförandeFoto: pressbild

Until now regional buses have been the only type of public transport in Skåne where it has been possible to buy a ticket on board using a card. But after New Year this option will not be available.

– It costs us 24 million crowns per year to operate, and we need another 17 million to invest in further improvements.. However our revenue from this channel is only 11 million. Only 0.4 per cent of our passengers pay with credit cards on the regional buses, says Carina Zachau.

Blipplösningar finns redan på stadsbussar – nu kan det komma på regionbussar nästa år.
Blipplösningar finns redan på stadsbussar – nu kan det komma på regionbussar nästa år.Foto: Marianne Pernbro

The vast majority, 85 per cent, buy their tickets via the app.The rest mostly buy through the website, ticket machines, customer centres and agents.

However another solution may be introduced next year.

– We agreed on a compromise, that we should use a system similar to the one used by the local transport system, where you can pay for your journey by 'bleeping' your bank card, says Anders Schönström (S), deputy vice-chairman of the committee.

_ This means that you bleep when you get on to the bus and bleep again when you get off, and the correct price is automatically deducted. It's a much cheaper system.

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