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Kristianstad District Court criticised by Attorney General as disbarred lawyer remains

It became apparent last Thursday that despite criticism, disbarred lawyer Gabriel Barsoum, was allowed to represent a Bromölla resident in a case surrounding the suspected amphetamine ring.
The Kristianstad District Court's decision is now being criticised by the Attorney General.
"Gabriel Barsoum is not suitable for the assignment," writes the Attorney General to the Court of Appeal.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 15 februari 2023 • Uppdaterad 16 februari 2023
Gabriel Barsoum är utesluten ur Advokatsamfundet.
Gabriel Barsoum är utesluten ur Advokatsamfundet.Foto: Instagram

On Thursday the District Court made its decision: Gabriel Barsoum may remain.

Gabriel Barsoum, who represents one of the suspects from Bromölla municipality in the case surrounding the amphetamine ring, was disbarred from the Bar Counsel with immediate effect earlier in February after providing incorrect information and withdrawing too much money.

16 days – about a third of the huge trial regarding the suspected amphetamine ring was complete before Barsoum was disbarred.

The District Court asked all the other lawyers in the case their opinion – could Barsoum continue to defend his client? Despite differing views and criticism from some lawyers, Barsoum was allowed to remain.

Arkivbild. Kristianstads tingsrätt.
Arkivbild. Kristianstads tingsrätt.Foto: Cecilia Klinto/TT

Now the Attorney General has appealed the District Court's decision.

"The Attorney General considers that Gabriel Barsoum is not suitable for the assignment," writes the Attorney General to the Court of Appeal for Skåne and Blekinge.

The District Court's decision to let Barsoum remain is essentially concerned with the costs involved in replacing him – that is, to let one or two new lawyers acquaint themselves with the case.

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