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”It can be nothing at all that leads to a shooting”

Behind nine shootings in Kristianstad are groups that sell drugs. Disputes over sales areas and clients may be the reason.
Weapons and ammunition that were confiscated in Kristianstad in 2019.
Foto: Ur polisens förundersökning

The police have not found out all the details about any of the shootings that have occurred since 15th June 2019. The reason may be battles for territories and clients, that one person owes another person money, disagreements within the group, or that someone feels slighted.

– It can be nothing at all that leads to a shooting, says a person with insight into the gang world.

Nine shootings in one year – two dead

Kristianstadsbladet has spoken to representatives from the police and the municipality, private individuals aand others engaged in the question.

Fatal shooting at Långebrogatan on 27th January 2020.
Foto: Jens Christian

They believe that groups from Charlottesborg and Gamlegården that sell drugs lie behind a large number of the shootings.

In 2018 the police set up surveillance cameras at Charlottesborg. The municipality and people living in the area have also interrupted the drug-dealing.

But this has made business move nearer the centre of Kristianstad, with disputes over territories and clients as a result.

At Charlottesborg the groupings are hierarchic, with one identified leader.

In a house search in Kristiasntad in January 2019 the police found narcotics, four revolvers, a pistol and a large amount of ammunition.The District Court thought that a man tried to sell some of the weapons.
Foto: Ur polisens förundersökning

At Gamlegården there are several smaller groups, where the leading ”members” belong to the same family, who are active on the same drugs market.

Round the gangs there are younger hangers-on who look up to the older criminals and wait for their own chance to play a part.

Kristianstadsbladet has made a study of individuals in the groups. Kb Mosaik will take up the subject again in the autumn.