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Flag with IS message hung our in Broby – reported to police

Last week a number of people in Broby saw an IS flag on the front of a house in Broby. People reacted strongly and contacted the municipality. The municipality has reported the incident to the police as incitement to racial hatred.
Broby • Publicerad 14 februari 2022
The police headquarters in Kristianstad.
The police headquarters in Kristianstad.Foto: Mikael Persson

– The flag has an emblem on it that is very like IS - Al Qaida, a radical Islamistic movement, says David Lundin, who is responsible for security in the municipality. He has seen the flag hanging there.

The municipality has concluded that it is a flag with an IS message.

People in Broby have reacted strongly to the flag and contacted the municipality, so David Lundin went to see the flag for himself.

David Lundin could also confirm that the flag was taken down a short time later. But on Friday it was back again, this time along with a few t-shirts with the same emblem. They were hanging in full view on a fence.

According to our information it says ”Muhammed God's Prophet” on the flag. It is uncertain whether this is unlawful or not. But the municipality has decided to make a report on incitement to racial hatred.

On Sunday both the flag and the t-shirts had been removed.

Marie-Louise LindellSkicka e-post
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