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Head teachers beg: 'Don't bring your children to nursery schools'

A hundred or so pupils and members of staff have been infected and teaching has been replanned in the municipal nursery schools and schools. Now head teachers are begging parents to keep their children at home.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 25 januari 2022
”The infection is spreading rapidly.”
”The infection is spreading rapidly.”Foto: Anders Wiklund/TT

There's no doubt that the omicron variant has become established, not only in Skåne but all over Sweden.

The number of people infected is higher than it has been for a long time, which leads to complications in several functions in the community. The municipal schools in Kristianstad are no exception.


– The infection is spreading rapidly, and just over 300 cases of covid have been reported, says Kenth Olsson, head of the municipal education department in Kristianstad.

There are at least as many absences among pupils as among staff. But not just because of covid, other illnesses play a part, as does care of children who are ill.

– New recommendations have been issued by the diseased control authorities. People showing symptoms must stay at home, the same as those in home quarantine, everyone else is welcome at school, Olsson says.

In nursery schools absences are a big problem. So far no nursery school has had to close, but the head teachers at a number of nursery schools appeal to parents to keep their children at home as far as possible.

– I've already had an sms from a family in Åhus saying that the grandparents will look after the children. I hope more are able to do likewise.

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