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Drug dealers and buyers prosecuted

A month ago, a 20-year-old man was sentenced to prison for several drug offences. Now he and people he is said to have sold drugs to, risk further punishment.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 1 februari 2021
Narkotika som anträffats i samband med polisens insatser mot det kriminella nätverket på Charlottesborg.
Narkotika som anträffats i samband med polisens insatser mot det kriminella nätverket på Charlottesborg.Foto: Polisen

The 20-year-old is part of a criminal network in Charlottesborg and is regularly monitored by the police. Through their counter-narcotics work in the area, the police are familiar with which cars the gang uses and how they usually hide their drugs outdoors. This has led to several people recently being prosecuted, especially for drug offences.

The 20-year-old received a 14-day prison sentence. He had been caught red-handed selling drugs, amongst other things. The young man has now been charged again on suspicion of eight different crimes, all drug-related.

On three occasions last year, the police are said to have seen him sell drugs in Kristianstad. The three people who were buying drugs are also being prosecuted.

On another occasion, the police were carrying out drone surveillance of Charlottesborg and saw how the 20-year-old jumped out of a car and picked something up from a bush. When the police stopped the car, the 20-year-old had amphetamine hidden in his underwear, and found amphetamine under a stone slab in the bush.

A total of about 250 drug-classified tablets, 80 grams of cannabis, 55 grams of amphetamine and a small amount of cocaine have been seized in the case. The prosecutor also demands that the 20-year-old should not be allowed to keep the cash which was taken from him, a little over 15,000 crowns..

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