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Best Biennale — Artfestival for children

The big artfestival ”Best Biennale” is just getting started, but most of the activities will occur during next week’s school holidays. Then it will be possible for all children to create by themselves – everything from dinosaurs to paperwork, birds and figurines.
Skåne • Publicerad 29 oktober 2021
The artist Ruben Wätte are working with children to create a scuplture.
The artist Ruben Wätte are working with children to create a scuplture.Foto: Pressbild

Earlier this weekend, this years ”Best Biennale” was inaugurated. It has never been as big as it is now, with exhibitions, viewings, creative workshops and workshops located in the whole of Skåne and several other regions.

It is at children and the young that this art initiative is aimed, and most of it will transpire during the autumn holiday, the first week in November (week 44). Although in Broby the event has already begun, where the artist Ulrika Wennerberg has been working with pupils at Prästavångsskolan, developing different parts that form bodys on walls. These parts will then be able to be moved. More chances will follow.

During the coming days, those who want to can participate to try and change pictures in Osby, create paper sculptures at Wanås or build a large monument in Kristianstad.

The whole program — with places, dates and the exact times — are on ”Best Biennale” (Bästa Biennalens) webpage.

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