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Alexander, 33, discovered that he had been pronounced dead

Alexander was almost mad with frustration when his bank identity number didn't work any more and more and more technical problems began to pile up. Eventually he got some kind of explanation from the bank – a doctor at CSK had informed the Swedish Tax Agency that Alexander was dead.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 mars 2021
The Swedish Tax Agency received a false certificate. That is why Alexander was pronounced dead.
The Swedish Tax Agency received a false certificate. That is why Alexander was pronounced dead.Foto: Janerik Henriksson/TT
”I'd been dead for 13 days”

– I'd been dead for 13 days, says Alexander, who lives in the west of Blekinge.

It all began to come to light when Alexander had problems logging in with his bank identity number and handling his bank business. Extremely frustrated, he contacted his local bank and asked what was wrong. After a while his bank contact phoned him.

– Oh, it's great to hear that you're still alive, she said, Alexander tells us. He didn't understand what it was all about. Why shouldn't he be alive?

Then she said that the bank had received notification from the Swedish Tax Agency's register that Alexander had died.

”We've got a death certificate from a doctor at CSK”
Chaba Nagy, the Swedish Tax Agency

Sure enough the Tax Agency's population register confirmed that Alexander was dead, according to their register. But now he's come back to life.

– We've got a death certificate from a doctor at CSK, says Chaba Nagy at the Tax Agency, but what the doctor has written is not correct.

18th February Alexander's death was removed from the population register and he is now registered as being alive.

In order to be declared dead according to the regulations a doctor must sign a death certificate and submit it to the Swedish Tax Agency. Alexander thinks he has been the victim of a false doctor. That someone out of spite or as a bad joke has pretended to be a doctor, filled in the form and sent it in. He has no idea who, and thinks it is dreadful that what happened to him.

Until 1991 the Church of Sweden was responsible for keeping  a population register.
Until 1991 the Church of Sweden was responsible for keeping a population register.Foto: Bernt Ekdahl

He has no idea who it might be, and thinks it is simply dreadful.

”What has happened is unfortunate”
Ingegerd Widell, the Swedish Tax Agency

Now the Swedish Tax Agency is going to tighten up security. There will be no more death certificates on paper. Instead the system will be made digital, with a special log-in requirement. About 20 per cent of Swedish doctors already submit death certificates digitally.

– What has happened is unfortunate. Our aim is to make it bligatory for a doctor to log in using his/her legitimation in order to send in a death certificate, says Ingegerd Widell at the Tax Agency.


Population registration

Sweden was one of the first countries to introduce population registration. In the 17th century all churches had to register ”the names of all those christened and buried”. In 1991 the Swedish Tax Agency took over the responsibility.

Population registration keeps a record of all births, marriages, deaths, names and people who have moved into or out of Sweden. Residents in the country and their address after moving are also registered.

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