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Young man dead in car accident - Car flipped far out on to field

Three people were involved in a single car accident outside of Knislinge on Tuesday evening. A young man, a passenger, passed away. The driver suffered serious injuries.
One passenger died and the driver sustained serious injuries in the accident at Knislinge.
Foto: Jens Christian

At 9.40 pm on Tuesday evening, emergency services and ambulances were alerted to Norups väg near Knislinge. A car had driven off the road at a junction with three roads. The car flipped on to a field.

– The car ended up about a hundred metres out on to a field. So it was with substantial force, says John Sjöblom, Internal Officer with the police.

The police will investigate why the accident happened.
Foto: Jens Christian
The accident happened at 9.40 pm At 11.30 pm the road was accessible again.
Foto: Jens Christian

At least three ambulances were at the scene. Three young men were traveling in the car. They were all taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Police later stated that a man in his late teens died in the accident. His relatives have been informed of the death.

According to police information, the man who died was a passenger in the car. And the driver, a man in his 20s, suffered serious injuries. The other passenger, a teenage boy, has almost completely recovered from injuries.

The police will investigate the accident.

Several ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident, just south of Knislinge.
Foto: Jens Christian