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First death in Skåne – Woman dies as a result of the coronavirus

A woman in her 80s has died from covid-19, that is, the coronavirus. It’s the first death in Skåne.
Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Region Skåne announced in a press release that the woman died on Wednesday. The woman was being treated at Skåne University Hospital.

"Now our thoughts go to the deceased's family and friends," says Eva Melander Infection Control Doctor at Region Skåne in the press release.

The woman had underlying medical conditions. She was seriously ill when she came to the hospital last week. She was tested when she was admitted. It turned out that she was infected with the new coronavirus.

“We know that it's the elderly and especially the elderly with other underlying medical conditions who become seriously ill from covid-19. This is a sad reminder of how important it is that we protect these groups from getting infected,” says Eva Melander.

Region Skåne is not disclosing more information out of respect for the family.