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Winter half-term – Can you jump as far as a frog?

Winter half-term week 8 is marking its 80th anniversary and all the children are off school. There is plenty to do in Kristianstad, Hässleholm and Östra Göinge.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 14 februari 2020 • Uppdaterad 20 april 2020
There is a lot to do fro children free from school in swimminghalls, icehalls, youth centres etc.
There is a lot to do fro children free from school in swimminghalls, icehalls, youth centres etc.Foto: Peter Ã…klundh, Peter Åklundh

In Kristianstad, Vilan's community youth centre will already be open from Friday evening and Barbacka community youth centre is having a Valentine's disco. There will then be several different things to do every day of the week.

There will be about 200 activities this year. Many are participating, from Regionmuséet, (the Regional Museum), Naturum and Barbacka to Kristianstads pistolklubb (Kristiantad’s Gun Club). You can find the entire program at


In Östra Göinge, for example, there is ice skating at the ice rink in Glimåkra, try-out various sports, cinema, swimming and theatre. The community youth centres are open in Sibbhult, Knislinge and Broby. Östra Göinge municipality is continuing with Ledstjärnarna (Leading Stars) in grades 3, 5 and 6 is planning, leading and assisting in activities in each village. In the winter half-term, it’s Knislinge and Broby's turn.

Fryshuset is open Monday to Friday from 10 am – 2 pm for youths that are interested in motors in their new premises at Pappersbruksvägen 8 in Broby. Take the opportunity to check out their new premise.

There will be a Saturday program with crafts and theatre at the Kulturhuset Vita Skolan in Broby. You can find the entire winter half-term program for Östra Göinge here.

In Hässleholm you can swim in the Qpool, there will be a winter half-term cup there too. The community youth centre Markan will be open with various activities; you can ice skate in Österås ice rink. The winter half-term opening times at Hässleholm Museum is Tuesday to Thursday from 11 am - 4 pm. Activities for children and others, great excitement and crafts where you can build your own vehicle and paint it.

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