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Corona: five more deaths in Skåne

Five more people have died of covid-19 within the last 24 hours. The overall number of deaths in Skåne is now 117.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 19 maj 2020
Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Within the last 24 hours, that is, from Sunday till Monday, a total of 288 people have been tested.

In all the number of confirmed cases in Skåne is now 1,275.

At present the people who are being tested are those who have to be taken into hospital and residents in care homes, as well as nursing staff who have shown symptoms of covid during the past 72 hours.

Region Skåne has also started testing non-hospital carers * in the municipalities, but so far on a small scale.

The number of tests is to be increased, which will be apparent in the statistics, with more confirmed positive results per day.

At present 90 infected patients are being cared for in hospitals in Skåne.. Of these, 19 are receiving intensive care, which is fewer than in the previous week.


This is where the patients are being cared for

Malmö: 29 ( of whom 6 are in intensive care)

Helsingborg: 28 (6)

Lund: 18 (6)

Kristianstad: 7 (1)

Ystad: 5 (0)

Trelleborg: 3 (0)

Simrishamn: 0

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