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70 people want to do night patrol in Östra Göinge

70 people from 15 associations in Östra Göinge have completed a basic course for night patrols. Each association will do four night patrols during the year. “It’s great that there’s such great interest,” says Camilla Leo Malmberg, a field worker in the municipality.
Janne Lundholm provided tips on things to think about when carrying out night patrols and drew some laughter from the audience.
Foto: Marie-Louise Lindell

– More adults are needed on the streets and squares, says Janne Lundholm from the Nattvandring.nu foundation. He’s the one who trained 70 Göingar’s how to carry out night patrols.

Camilla Leo Malmberg and the municipality's other field worker, Henrik Sävström, carry out the night patrols in the municipality. The idea is that the patrols will start later this spring.

Sparbanken Skåne has donated 100,000 crowns to the project. The associations will divide the money.

– We hope that the associations will think it’s fun to night patrol so that they carry out a few extra night patrols, but without pay, says Janne Lundholm. He is the Head of Operations for the foundation and the driving force.

Janne Lundholm started Nattvandring.nu together with Vera Dordevic and with the support of Eon and Skandia. He is now Head of Operations for the foundation.
Foto: Marie-Louise Lindell

Today there are 50,000 night patrollers in Sweden who patrol in 380 groups. The main task of a night patroller is to provide security for young people.

– It's about caring, being visible and being able to provide support when needed, says Janne Lundholm.

The idea of night patrols is to create positive relationships with young people. Then we can have a safer environment.

– It's not about playing police. A night patroller never intervenes.

– Night patrolling gives a very positive return. And young people want us to be out there.

A night patroller should never talk about what happens during the night patrols outside of the group.

– Remember that we are only adults who care.

The associations' interest in night patrols was unexpectedly high. Now 70 people have completed a basic course. Östra Göinge has tried to get night patrols started previously.
Foto: Marie-Louise Lindell



It is a politically and religiously independent foundation that works to get more adults involved for children and young people.
The goal is to protect young people’s best interests on young people’s own terms in order to create trust and dialogue. Dialogue can provide good conditions for reducing the use of alcohol and drugs as well as street crime. Then we can have a safer society for all of us.
The foundation nattvandring.nu provides opportunities to reinforce and strengthen parental and adult responsibility in society.
The activities are based on an equal view of people, regardless of skin colour, religion, sexual-orientation, ethnic or cultural background.
The foundation nattvandring.nu was founded by EON and Skandia in 2008.