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Several bathing places have problems with algae

The municipality has put up signs like this to warn people not to bathe here.
Foto: Peter Åklundh

There is algal bloom in three bathing places in lakes. But algal bloom causes problems in the sea as well. So the municipal authorities are warning people not to bathe there. If children swallow the water they can develope an itch, vomit or have diarrhoea.

In Råbelövssjön just now there are algae that can be harmful to small children and animals. If they swallow water with algal bloom it can lead to itching, vomiting and diarrhoea. So Kristianstad municipality is advising people not to go swimming in Balsby, Österslöv and Ekestad.

It’s up to everyone to check for themselves that there are no algae

There are also problems in the sea at Juleboda, Rigeleje and Yngsjö. Algal bloom can appear in different places. So it is up to bathers to check for themselves if there are algae or not. If the water is cloudy, it may be because of algal bloom.

The algae can occur in different places, so bathers must check for themselves whether there are algae there or not.

– We advise people not to bathe. But it’s up to everyone to check for themselves that there are no algae. It can be the case that the algae have disappeared before we’ve taken down the warning signs, says Jenny Sahlström, open-air activities planner in the municipality.

The muncipality tests bathing places in lakes every second week. They check a lot of the seaside bathing places as well.

The algae are blue-green or brown discolorations of plankton in the water.