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Patric Åberg: "Thought doomsday was here"

At 6.40 pm on Saturday, a mysterious light phenomenon lit up the sky. It was most visible in the west of Sweden. But also in northeast Skåne. "I thought doomsday was here," says Patric Åberg from Broby.
Broby • Publicerad 1 december 2020
The bolide only lasted a few seconds. According to experts, such phenomena occur about ten times a year in Sweden.
The bolide only lasted a few seconds. According to experts, such phenomena occur about ten times a year in Sweden.Foto: Norsk meteornettverk

On November 7th, a bolide, that is, a meteorite that starts burning when it enters the atmosphere, could be seen from Tranås in the south to Sundsvall in the north.

”Crazy cool, but also a little scary to see”
Patric Åberg

On Saturday, a new bolide was seen in the west of Sweden. Some thought it was an earthquake and houses were shaking when the bolide hurtled through the sky.


The bolide was also seen in northeast Skåne.

Patric Åberg.
Patric Åberg.Foto: Lasse Ottosson

Patric Åberg, better known as the Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee in Östra Göinge, was on the street. He was kicking a ball around with his three-year-old son. Then he saw the light phenomenon, a starlit sky.

– I have seen a shooting star before, but this was something completely different, he says.

– First it turned blue, then green and finally a fire-coloured ball that was so big. It was burning for a few seconds.

What were you thinking?

– That it was an asteroid. And "Shit, now it's going to explode!" I thought doomsday was here.

The fireball then went into the sea outside Lysekil.

Five to ten minutes later it was time for the next bolide. It came from the south and didn’t shine as brightly.

– Crazy cool, but also a little scary to see, says Åberg.

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