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New neighbourhood watch to keep up with developments

The security co-ordinator would like to start a neighbourhood watch system.
– It's a way to reduce criminality and increase the feeling of safety. Just put your name down for the meeting next week.
Östra Göinge • Publicerad 18 oktober 2021
”It's a way to reduce criminality and increase the feeling of safety.”
”It's a way to reduce criminality and increase the feeling of safety.”Foto: Carin von Post

There are plenty of things residents can do to reduce the risk of crime in their own homes and create more security in the whole housing area.

– We all have to do our bit to minimise the risks, and one very good way is to organise a neighbourhood watch, the person responsible for co-ordinating security measures in Östra Göinge, David Lundin, points out He is now inviting everyone along to a meeting to start groups in residential areas and districts with tenant-owned and rented flats .

– We will be holding two meetings, one in Knislinge and one in Broby.

All you have to do is put your name down via my e-post address, says David Lundin.

Neighbourhood watch meetings

21 oktober: Knislinge Folkets park, 18.00–20.00.

27 oktober: Broby folkets hus, 18.00–20.00.

Anmälan: david.lundin@ostragoinge.se, write down the name(s) of the people who intend to come along.

The police and Länsförsäkringar are behind the neighbourhood watch initiative.

Marie-Louise LindellSkicka e-post
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