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New directives for upper secondary schools: Distance tuition

The school day will start an hour later, and pupils in class 2 and class 3 will have distance tuition alternate weeks. These are the new directives for upper secondary schools, which resume next week.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 augusti 2020
Söderportgymnasiet, student 2020.
Söderportgymnasiet, student 2020.Foto: Tommy Svensson

The new directives will reduce the risk of spreading infection in the municipal upper secondary schools.

No classes will begin before 9 am. Pupils in classes 2 and 3 will attend school every second week and study at home via distance tuition alternate weeks.

”In collaboration with Skånetrafiken we've come to the conclusion that starting school an hour later is best”
Kenth Olsson, head of the Children's and Education administration

The term starts on 19th August, but the later starting time will apply as from 20th August. Distance tuition will begin the following week, on Monday 24th, when class 3 will study from home. Class 1 and the upper secondary special class will be in school. The vocational programmes may also have altered times.

When pupils are studying from home they can fetch their school lunch from various places in the municipality.

Kenth Olsson.
Kenth Olsson.Foto: Lars Ottosson

Each school will draw up its own timetable.

– We've put in a lot of work on this and we want to have everything ready when the staff come back tomorrow (Wednesday). In collaboration with Skånetrafiken we've come to the conclusion that starting school an hour later is best, says Kenth Olsson, head of the Children's and Education administration.

We also need to be able to cope with the risk of a spread of infection in schools, so we must have distance tuition.

The directive will apply until further notice. But it can be changed if the pandemic changes in any way.


New directives for upper secondary schools

Starting on 20th August the school day will begin at 9 o'clock. No lessons will start before 9 am.

As from 24th August classes 2 and 3 will have tuition in school alternate weeks and work from home the weeks in between.

Class 1, the introductory, programmes Individual alternative and Language introductory course, as well as the national programmes for the upper secondary special school, will not have any distance tuition.

Pupils studying from home will be able to fetch lunch from several secondary schools in the municipality and from Södra Kasern.

There may be exceptions from the directives. In that case the rector of the school will give information.

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