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Jury on 14-year-old Noah's TV-success: ”Fantastic”

He took part in his favourite programme Talang (Talent) – and was a big hit. 14-year-old conjurer Noah Selg from Broby offered viewers a high-class Friday treat on TV4.
Broby • Publicerad 15 februari 2022
Noah Selg took part in the TV programme Talang on 11th February.Foto: Privat

Noah was gripped by the solemnity of the moment when he met jury members Sarah Dawn Finer, Edward af Sillén, David Batra and Bianca Ingrosso.

”This time I was really, really on edge”
Noah Selg

– I'm not usually nervous, but this time I was really, really on edge half an hour before I was due on stage, Noah tells the newspaper.


He opened with the best possible gag:

– I was actually thinking about giving you a few Friday treats, he told the jury.

All four members of the jury praised Noah.Foto: Privat

Then Noah gave Sarah a bottle of Coke, Bianca got a bag of crisps,while David Batra had to lend the 14-year-old his wedding-ring.

Shortly afterwards both the ring and the Coke bottle vanished. But the ring hadn't really disappeared, it had found its way into the unopened bag of crisps (!).

– Amazing! Well done! exclaimed Batra.

The jury found it hard to believe that Noah is so young, just 14.

Noah Selg, 14, from Broby, hopes to be able to make a career as a conjuror.Foto: Mikael Persson

Här saknas innehåll

– And already so confident on stage, said Edward, who thought it was a ”super super good audition”.

All four jury members pressed the ”yes” button, and Noah went on to the next round in the competition.

– All four of them said yes... that was something I hadn't counted on. And then all my emotions ran over, says Noah, who was unable to restrain his tears of joy.

You can watch the episode on TV4 Play.

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