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How inflation affects you

Food that cost 1,000 crowns five years ago has become 345 crowns more expensive.The cost of fuel has risen even more. Our investigation shows that the economic development has a negative effect on the lives of people in Kristianstad.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 11 september 2023
Några av svaren enkäten som Kb/NSk och studenter från Lunds universitet har gjort.
Några av svaren enkäten som Kb/NSk och studenter från Lunds universitet har gjort.

I've grown less adventurous and more cautious in what I pay for things. Not so many outings and activities with the children, less takeaway food, not so many evenings out with a meal and tips. Not much fun, a resident in Kristianstad tells us.

We've taken a closer look at how expenses have gone up in 2018, 2021 and 2023, to get a better picture of how people in Kristianstad have been affected by inflation.


Because of delays in the accounting of incomes and pensions it is impossible to show exactly what effect the rise in prices has, but one thing is clear, people in Kristianstad feel how things are developing.

It is shown in a questionnaire that Kb/NSk's readers answered during week 19 .

What was your economic situation like two years ago?

– Much better. My children could eat as much as they wanted every day, person in Östra Göinge, 31 - 49

Even better, then I was able to afford trips and little extras, person in Östra Göinge, 31 - 49

What is your present economic situation?

We can pay bills and buy food, bit there's nothing left over. Our savings are gone, woman, 31 - 49, Kristianstad.

What worries you most about the economic crisis?

That I can¨t put food on the table for my chlldren, man, woman, 31 - 49, Kristianstad

Less inclusion in a group, far too much pressure on weak groups with a strained economy, man 65+, Kristianstad

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