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Corona: No new deaths in Skåne for five days

No confirmed cases of corona have died in Skåne since 27th June . This is the longest period since the first death occurrred in Skåne. But the number of cases of confirmed infection has increased.
More and more are tests being made. Between 22nd and 28th June 5,593 tests for corona were carried out in Skåne.
Foto: Michael Probst

In all, 252 persons have died of covid-19 in Skåne. The first death occurred on 18th March.

The curve showing the number of deaths in Region Skåne shows a marked decline. Photo: Region Skåne
Foto: Region Skåne
Hässleholm municipality has the greatest number of new infections in Skåne. The map shows new confirmed cases of covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants per municipality in the past week, week 26. Map from Region Skåne.
Foto: Region Skåne
Total number infected in Skåne
Foto: Region Skåne


The covid-19 situation in Skåne on 2nd July:

The numbers in brackets denote the difference from the previous day.
Number of confirmed cases of covid-19: 3,102 (+ 15)
Number of deaths: 252 (+0)
Number of cases in hospital:
Skåne:30 (+1), of whom 4 (-1) are in intensive care
Kristianstad: 4, of whom 1 is in intensive care
Hässleholm: 0
Malmö:13, no cases in intensive care
Number pf people tested in week 26: 5,593