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Car filled with water – with driver still inside

A woman got stuck with her car in water that had gathered under a viaduct. The water is reported to have got into the car to a depth of a metre, but she managed to get out.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 20 augusti 2020
Foto: Arkiv

At 2.20 pm the emergency services were called out to a drowning incident. It turned out that a woman had got stuck in her car in water that had gathered under a viaduct in Tormestorp. It happened during a violent cloudburst on Wednesday.

– Her car had stalled under the viaduct and had filled with water. The water was a metre deep inside the car, says Patrik Freij, an officer with the emergency services in north-east Skåne.

– But the woman was out of the car when we reached the scene. We don’t know if she got out by herself or if she had been helped out, he says.

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