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70-year-old from Åhus lost 300,000 in bank fraud

Several people in their 70s from Åhus were victim to bank fraud on Wednesday.
Åhus • Publicerad 21 oktober 2022 • Uppdaterad 22 oktober 2022
Förövarna utgav sig komma från bank-id.
Förövarna utgav sig komma från bank-id.Foto: Fredrik Persson/TT

At least three frauds and attempted frauds took place around Åhus on Wednesday afternoon. On each occasion, the approach was similar.

The police state that people in their 70s received text messages from a sender claiming to be bank ID. The message stated that a new bank ID had been created in the person's name. The recipient was then asked to call a phone number which would connect them to their bank.

Meddelanden mottogs per sms.
Meddelanden mottogs per sms.Foto: RapidEye

On two occasions it was a failed attempt, but in one of the cases the perpetrators succeeded, according to the police.

A man in his 70s from Åhus approved transfers and movement of his money to other accounts, believing that the money would be protected. He also let the fraudsters remotely control his computer.

In total, the man lost between 200,000 to 300,000 crowns through this scam.

A fourth attempt to defraud a 75-year-old man from Kristianstad took place on Tuesday using a similar approach.

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