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20-year old in custody - requested to be detained for child sex offenses

A man in the twenties has been put in custody and requested to be detained, in suspicion of child rape and two more child sex offenses. The crimes were revealed when the police conducted surveillance and investigation into another case.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 30 november 2021 • Uppdaterad 15 december 2021
Häktningsförhandlingen hålls i Hässleholms tingsrätt. Arkivbild.
Häktningsförhandlingen hålls i Hässleholms tingsrätt. Arkivbild.Foto: Sofia Åström

The man who lives in a town outside Hässleholm is suspected of having exposed a child to rape and grave exploitation for sexual posing in an unknown place in Sweden. He is also suspected of child pornography offenses.

The crimes are supposed to have happened via internet and apps.

— How, I don’t want to give any comments about yet, neither can I comment about where the crime scene is, says assistant prosecutor Zebastian Trolle Liljegren, who in addition doesn’t want to say anything about the victims age or gender.

The crime was discovered when the Hässleholm police conducted reconnaissance in connection with another case.

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