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Woman prosecuted for 10 fires set during extreme drought in summer

A woman has been prosecuted for setting ten fires during the extreme drought in summer. Witnesses have seen her near the fires.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 15 mars 2019
Brand Åhus
Brand Åhus

On Friday, the prosecutor brought charges against a woman. She is suspected of six counts of arson and four counts of vandalism in Åhus and Kristianstad. The fires took place during the extreme drought in summer, between July 23rd and August 8th 2018.

The fires were set in two areas in Åhus and in a commercial area in Kristianstad.

The police soon realised that the fires were set deliberately, they were set in the same way.

The woman was arrested and has been detained since August 2018. She denies the charges.

Several hundred interviews have been held during the course of the investigation.

- This evidence in this case is circumstantial. We have information that places her at the scene of the fires but not when she lit the fires, says Marie-Louise Holmberg, Chamber Prosecutor.

The trial in the District Court starts at the end of March and the hearing is expected to last for about ten days.

Caption: There were fires in Åhus and in Kristianstad on several occasions in summer.

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