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What are you most afraid of? The Regional Museum wants to hear your story

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in our society. What are you most afraid of now? How is your everyday life affected? The Regional Museum (Regionmuseet) would like to have as many stories from as many residents as possible. From young, old, from new arrivals and those who have lived in Sweden for a long time.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 31 mars 2020 • Uppdaterad 1 april 2020
A common sight in several stores. Now the Regional Museum wants to collect people's stories about how they feel in regards to what is currently happening.Foto: Mattias Mattisson

In 2015, many refugees came to Sweden. The Regional Museum collected many stories at that time. Now it’s time again, about the effects of the coronavirus.

”Collecting people's own stories is a way to contribute to recording history”
Anna Hadders, Curator at the Regional Museum

The collection began on March 18th. Those who have already responded are not afraid of becoming sick themselves, but they are concerned that older relatives and friends will be affected. And, above all, they are afraid of the effects the infection may have, such as higher levels of unemployment.


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Anna Hadders, Curator at the Regional Museum.Foto: Johanna Wallin
Handball. The IFK match between Kristianstad-Önnered was played in front of empty stands due to the coronavirus. And this year no Swedish champion will be crowned.Foto: Tommy Svensson

– It's almost a total shutdown of society, says Anna Hadders, Curator at the Regional Museum. She is the one organising the collection. On the Regional Museum’s website, there are three questions in a form to answer and email for those who wish to participate. The survey is being conducted throughout Sweden.

– It’s one of our most important assignments as a museum, to document the present. Collecting people's own stories is a way to contribute to recording history.

Anna Hadders hopes that all the material that comes in can become an exhibition. The Regional Museum has not decided how long the collection will be open for.

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in our society. It affects our everyday lives.Foto: Hanna Franzén

Questions the Regional Museum wants answers to

The form with questions about how people think and feel can be found on the Region Museum's website. Click here!

Three questions are asked:

1. What are you most afraid of right now?

2. How does it feel/what happens to you when you get scared?

3. Have you changed your lifestyle and how you behave because of the fear of becoming infected?

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