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Warm and sunny again at the weekend

On Fridag and Saturday the temperature can rise to 25 degrees. Autumn can wait for another few days - the summer weather will b back at the weekend. On Friday and Saturday it can be up to 25 degrees.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 23 augusti 2019

SMHI forecasts sometimes thick on Saturday coming in the south of Sweden.

- But in the middle of the day we expect it to be sunny, says Marie Staerk, wethorologist at SMHI.

Skåne is expected to have the highest temperature in the country around 25 degrees.

- It will be more stable, with more snushine and mainly dry all over the country.

On Sunday too it will be warn and sunny in Kristianstad, with temperatures around 23 degrees.

The summer weather will continue into the beginning of next week, but it is more uncertain later on, according Marie Staerk at SMHI.

By the end of next week the weather is a bit more difficult to predict. There are different tendenicies, the fine weather may continue, or cold air may come in.

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