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New and old citizens celebrated Sweden

Some received a certificate and a Swedish flag in the Town Hall. Others made the most of the sun and music in Tivoli Park.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 7 juni 2019
Dad Burhan with the kids Sumaya, Mahmud and Waays
Dad Burhan with the kids Sumaya, Mahmud and WaaysFoto: Hilda Ärlemyr

I think it’s a given that everyone should celebrate, says Felicia Strand. She is with her boyfriend Andreas Sjöberg. They each had their flag in hand when the National Day celebrations began in Tivoli Park.

Foto: Hilda Ärlemyr

Andreas Sjöberg has celebrated the day since he was a child. He thinks it's good that it's a public holiday.


- But it could’ve been even more of a folk festival, like in Denmark or Norway, he says.

The parade went from Stora Torg to Tivoli Park. There the flag was hoisted and Kristianstad’s marching band played.

New Swedish citizens also came to the park. They came from the Town Hall where they were welcomed as new Swedish citizens and offered cake. They received a certificate from the municipality.

- And a Swedish flag as a gift. We will place this in the living room, says Fadumo Aden.

The march went from Stora Torg to Tivoli Park
The march went from Stora Torg to Tivoli ParkFoto: Hilda Ärlemyr

She and the family fled the war in Somalia eight years ago. Now the family has had time to settle in Kristianstad.

- Thank you Sweden! Says Burhan Aden.

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