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New activity playground: Kids on bikes danger to small children

The new activity playground in Gamlegården has become popular. But there are concerns about children who are riding their bikes without any consideration for others. "There have already been a few incidents where there could have been an accident with a small child”, says one parent.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 23 augusti 2019
The new activity playground is popular, but cyclists are a problem. Signs banning cycling in the playground will now be put up.Foto: Sofyan Aswad

It’s the older children, around 12- 13 years old that are cycling without any consideration for others.

– When an adult say something to them, they answer back: "there are no signs that we shouldn’t cycle here," says the parent.


When someone says they will call the police, they respond with:

– If you call the police, you’ll get beaten up.

Jonas Rosenberg, Head of Communications at ABK, says:

– We will put a sign up in the playground with information that you’re not allowed to ride your bike in the play areas, among other things. The signs will be put up as soon as possible.

Inga-Lill BengtssonSkicka e-post
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