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Young people want a more fun environment

Please, dear municipality, start investing more in Sibbhult. This is what a couple of the young people, who live in the village and find it rather boring, wrote.
Sibbhult • Publicerad 23 maj 2023 • Uppdaterad 23 maj 2023
Workshop om Parken Sibbhult
Workshop om Parken SibbhultFoto: Lasse Ottosson

There is not a lot to do here for the young people. The young people submitted a list with various proposals in an email to Östra Göinge municipality

More playgrounds, preferably bigger and more interesting – in different places in the village. Like a skate park is at the top of the list. There are also some things they don't want. This concerns stones and works of art:

"They take up too much space and are not that necessary; there are more fun ways to decorate our village".

Workshop om Parken Sibbhult
Workshop om Parken SibbhultFoto: Lasse Ottosson

The young people think that the municipality should invest in more things to do: "Many people leave the municipality and Sibbhult because not a lot happens here".

Some colourful art work, a nicer square and better links – especially to Glimåkra, where many young people from Sibbhult like to go to play various sports. A direct line to Glimåkra would make it easier to get around the municipality.

"As young people and villagers, we would like to be able to join in and participate in the planning of our village to make it nicer and more enjoyable to stay and live in. Our examples, which can be found above, are some ideas that we would like to change to make our village more alive”.

Chairman of the Municipal Board, Patric Åberg (M), has responded to the email and states that there are currently no plans for further development in Sibbhult. There is no money left to make a skate park, which is at the top of the list, as they invested in skating both in Glimåkra and Knislinge.

Marie-Louise LindellSkicka e-post
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