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Young man convicted of rape

Even though the girl, who was underage, cried and asked him to stop, he continued to have intercourse. Among other things, he is said to have choked her.
Hässleholm • Publicerad 8 oktober 2020
The young man was underage at the time of the incident and will avoid a prison sentence. Stockimage.
The young man was underage at the time of the incident and will avoid a prison sentence. Stockimage.Foto: Claudio Bresciani / TT

The young people had known each other for six months. They had had sex several times. At the end of August, however, the young man became violent and choked her among other things.

The girl said that she couldn’t breathe, got scared and asked him to stop 10-15 times during the hour that the intercourse lasted. She was in shock afterwards.

The young man said instead that it was the girl who was nagging to have sex. She had admittedly said "no" three times but then changed her mind. It was only afterwards he saw that she was crying.

The District Court thinks it's clear that the young man exercised some violence and inflicted injuries on the girl, in the form of bruises and redness.

The Court also considers it undisputed that the girl did not participate voluntarily.

The young man was therefore convicted of rape, despite him denying it. The punishment is 150 hours of community service. 70 hours are considered to have already been served as he was held in custody. He will also have to pay damages of 115,000 crowns.

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