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Woman found dead at Gamlegården – one person held

A woman in her 20's has been found dead in a flat at Gamlegården. The police are treating the death as murder, alternatively manslaughter. One person is being held.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 18 oktober 2021
A woman in her 20's has been found dead in a flat at Gamlegården.
A woman in her 20's has been found dead in a flat at Gamlegården.Foto: Tommy Svensson

One person was held and later arrested as a suspect after a woman was found dead at Gamlegården.

The person is being held on reasonable suspicion of the crime, the less serious degree of suspicion.

At about 11 o'clock on Sunday 17th October an ambulance was called to a flat in Bataljonsvägen in Kristianstad. There the ambulance crew found a dead woman in her 20's. Police were called in and the flat was cordoned off.

In the afternoon forensic experts examined the flat.

– Circumstances surrounding the woman's death are nor clear, so to begin with we are treating the case as murder, says police spokesman Patric Fors.

Later on the charge was altered to one of murder, alternatively manslaughter.

A forensic examination will be carried out to ascertain the cause of death.

– We've spoken to neighbours in the area, and we'll probably keep on doing that, says Patric Fors.

At present the police can see no natural explanation for the death, but they are unable to confirm that a crime has been committed.

The suspect will be questioned.

The woman's relatives have been informed.

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