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Two wolf attacks this weekend – LRF wants to hunt for protection

This weekend, there were two wolf attacks in northern Skåne according to inspectors at Länsstyrelsen (the County administrative boards of Sweden). Now LRF Skåne wants to hunt wolves for protection.
Osby • Publicerad 8 september 2020
In total, there have been four wolf attacks in southern Småland and in northern Skåne
In total, there have been four wolf attacks in southern Småland and in northern SkåneFoto: Jonas ERkströmer/TT

The attacks have taken place on sheep between Visseltofta and Osby in two different places.

– The places are quite close to each other which indicates that it’s the same wolf, says Nils Carlsson, Wildlife Conservation Expert at Länsstyrelsen Skåne.


Dead and injured sheep were inspected over the weekend.

According to Nils Carlsson, lone wolves sometimes appear in Skåne. This spring, a wolf was seen in Eslöv and Svalöv. But it did not kill any sheep.

– We believe that it migrated north again, says Nils Carlsson.

This weekend's sheep attack is probably a new wolf.

– We believe that it’s a new individual, says Nils Carlsson.

A wolf moves fast, a linear distance of between 2.5 and 3 miles per day is common.

– We urge sheep owners in the area to take a look at their fences, above all to make sure that the fence closes tightly at the bottom. The wolf often squeezes under, says Nils Carlsson.

If you see an animal that may be a wolf, it would be good if you could take photos or film it.

– Feel free to take out your mobile phone and take a photo or film it, says Nils Carlsson.

In total, there have been four wolf attacks in southern Småland and in northern Skåne.


The LRF, Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund Skåne (the Federation of Swedish Farmers), has therefore applied for a permit to hunt wolves for protection. The reason being is that wolves attack sheep.

The last time a wolf was shot during a hunt for protection in Skåne was on October 2nd 2014. Then, a male wolf was shot outside Visseltofta. It had been moving along the roads of Vittsjö-Verum-Visseltofta and had attacked 50 sheep.

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