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Two restaurants on the same street for sale

Two popular restaurants in the city centre are still for sale, but now at a lower price.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 19 januari 2021 • Uppdaterad 20 januari 2021
Innergården, Kristianstad
Innergården, KristianstadFoto: Tommy Svensson

In September, Kristianstadsbladet reported that both restaurants Innergården and Bara Burgare on Västra Storgatan were for sale. At that time, the price for Innergården was 2.9 million crowns. It has now been reduced to half, 1.5 million crowns.

– Under normal circumstances, before covid, we would’ve never gone down in price so much. We have to sell it so that we’re not here in another two years, says owner Sam Jamhour who runs Innergården with his wife Amanda.

Fredrik Andersson, broker at HRF Förmedling says that there has been interest but that many are waiting for the restrictions under the pandemic to be relaxed.

– It’ an amazing place for that price, he says.

A little farther up the street, Bara Burgers is also for sale. Recently, the price was reduced from 750,000 crowns to 640,000 crowns. The corona pandemic has slowed down sales in this case, too.

– If you lower the price, there will be more people interested and it may be that bidding will get you to the price that you had initially set, says broker Glenn Rönnberg at Stockholm Företagsmäklare.

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