Trollacenter officially open - a place for everyone to hang out

Bouncy castles, a flea market, skateboards and displays of various kinds. The official opening of Trollacenter on June 29th was a successful day.
Glimåkra • Publicerad 1 juli 2019
Foto: Daniel Majak

Trollarinken has been transformed into a large flea market and outlet venue that Glimåkra IF hosts. It’s filled with people.

There’s hustle and bustle outside the flea market too. Lots of people want to try out the newly built skate park.

Not too far away there’s a bouncy castle where the children’s laughter echoes.

Municipal council Patric Åberg (M) looks very pleased.

– We are incredibly satisfied with the day so far. Now I just hope that it will be used, he says and tells us that Trollacenter is for everyone, that the residents now have a place to come to.

– We wanted to make the most of the forces that exist and give the residents of the municipality a place that they want to hang out, says Mikael Torberntsson, Head of Community Development.

"Glad to be here," says Pidde Pannkaka, with the dancers Nora Andersson and Ebba Persson.

Glimåkra IF held the flea market in Trollarinken, many people stopped by.

Jonas Borg showed tricks and held a "try out skating" for visitors.

Bouncy castles - always fun for children of all ages.

Mikael Torberntsson, Head of Community Development in Östra Göinge, and Patric Åberg (M), Municipal Councillor.

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