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They are opening a new shop in Kristianstad with food from all over the world

On 20th August a big new food shop will open its doors in Kristianstad. The businessman behind the venture is Ali Altundag, who wants to offer his customers food from all over the world.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 19 augusti 2021 • Uppdaterad 25 augusti 2021
Ali Altundag, the owner.
Ali Altundag, the owner.Foto: Henrik Nordell

The shelves and frozen food cabinets are filling up with a great variety of goods as a completely new food shop takes shape.

– Customers should be able to find everything they need here without having to go round a lot of other shops, says the owner, Ali Altundag. Everything from fish to meat, fruit and dry goods will be on sale. A difference from other shops is that there will be food from lots of countries on the shelves, for example from Turkey or Spain. That is something customers want.

– It's an oriental food shop with food from all over the world .Lots of people want to find food from their own country, for example a certain kind of biscuit or chocolate. And that's what they can find here. We'll be like an ordinary food shop, but with a more varied selection of goods, says Ali's brother Sharaf Altundag.

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