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Tareq Taylor to host this year's Christmas programmes on SVT

'I love Christmas, and I think Christmas should be fun', he says.
Entertainment • Publicerad 1 november 2021
”It's a great honour to be asked.”
”It's a great honour to be asked.”Foto: Christine Olsson/TT

Chef Tareq Taylor was in his car when the question came, and he was so surprised and happy that he started to cry.

– It's a great honour to be asked. I think I asked if I could call back and then rang off.

Who was to be this year's Christmas host was a secret until the last minute, and Tareq Taylor assures everyone that he has kept quiet about it , but that he has written a cryptic CH in his diary.

As Christmas host, his aim is to make Christmas fun for the viewers.

– There will be plenty of gaudy Christmas sweaters and hopefully it will be an entertaining Christmas. I hope I can raise the Christmas spirit in most people.

In 2002 Arne Weise was Christmas host for the last time in SVT, and since then different people have carried out the duty.

Last year the artist Lars Lerin filled the post along with his partner Junior, and the year before that it was Marianne Mörck who sat in the studio.

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