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South to receive electricity subsidy from February 20

The electricity subsidy to 4.3 million households in electricity zones 3 and 4 (south Sweden) will begin to be paid out according to plan – more precisely from February 20, announced Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency)
Within the next couple of days following that, the vast majority should have received their money according to General Director Nils Öberg.
Ekonomi • Publicerad 31 januari 2023 • Uppdaterad 3 februari 2023
elstöd split
elstöd split

Customers who have been affected should report their bank account to Swedbank's account register no later than February 13 to facilitate payments.

To facilitate payments, affected customers should report their bank account to Swedbank's account register, no later than February 13.

Försäkringskassan has built an entirely new payment system for the electricity subsidy.

"We have managed to create this in an incredibly short period of time. Another plus is that the system could then be reused – not only for the next payment of electricity subsidies, but also for other types of crisis support if needed in the future," says Försäkringskassan's General Director, Nils Öberg, in a press release.

– By and large, all payments will leave Försäkringskassan within a couple of days, says Nils Öberg at a press conference.

For it to happen as quickly as possible, those expecting to receive money should register their account with Swedbank, which is the bank that handles the payments. Information about how it works is available on the bank's website.

If Försäkringskassan does not have your account information, payments will be made through withdrawal slips.

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