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Sofyan Aswad: Time to become Swedish?

My esteemed colleague Inga-Lill Bengtsson has retired, so now a great responsibility rests on my shoulders. One of the primary aims of this newspaper is to help new arrivals to become integrated. And here the question arises: After all my years in Sweden, how can I play an active part in the newcomers' integration process?
Sofyan AswadSkicka e-post
Kristianstad • Publicerad 13 juni 2022
Sofyan Aswad
Detta är en personligt skriven text i Mosaik Kristianstadsbladet. Åsikter som uttrycks är skribentens egna.
Ska man inte överväga att hjälpa dem som har svårt att integreras?
Ska man inte överväga att hjälpa dem som har svårt att integreras?Foto: Sofyan Aswad

During recent years many immigrants have come to Sweden, something that has caused big challenges for the community. Many people have fled from their native country and need support and the right conditions to be able to build up their new life in Sweden.

Integration has recently been in focus in the general and political debate. The subject has many aspects, and no matter from which starting-point integration is seen, the interaction between new arrivals and the majority of the community is of key importance.

It requires resources from the community, and it may be experienced as difficult, or even threatening, when conditions change and people from different backgrounds are thrown together.

But I do not want to talk about how best to integrate newcomers or try to raise problems and find solutions. After a number of years in Sweden, one question stands out -Is it not time to become Swedish? Should we not think about helping people who have difficulty in becoming integrated?

Första numret av  Kb Mosaik
Första numret av Kb MosaikFoto: Catharina Sigala

By meeting so-called established Swedes someone who is new in the country can build up a social network and learn the language, which in turn is the main prerequisite to be able to find a place in the community. But how do established Swedes experience the importance of social integration for the integration process of the new arrivals?

Here we are talking about a process that is like recycling, learning from your mistakes and trying to pass on your experiences to the new Swedes.For instance you can give quick, practical advice on how to be an active member of the community. Inclusion is vital to be able to achieve integration. Through inclusion you can take part in things, and so you can feel a sense of belonging and fellowship with others.

In this issue of Kb Mosaik we write about the election - what is the most important question in Kristianstad municipality? Kb Mosaik asked the group leaders of all the parties in the municipal council.

On 11th September 2022 an election will be held to choose municipal councillors in all of Sweden's municipalities.

Something else we write about in this issue is the number of suggestions that have been submitted as to how Näsby can be made more sustainable. And we give you a recipe for herring and new potatoes. Tasty now that the grey summer is with us.

Ingaa-Lill Bengtsson, editor of Kb Mosaik, writes in her chronicle about how she has been 'the target of a lot of love'. Read more on page 22.

Take care of one another, and have a good summer.