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Skåne’s biggest covid increase

In Skåne the biggest rise in covid-numbers during the past week has been in Hässleholm. That is where the greatest number of cases in the whole of north-east Skåne are. But most of them recover without being in hospital.
More than 10,3 million cases of covid-19 have been confirmed all over the world. 5.2 million have recovered, and 506,000 have died. In Europe 2.6 million are, or have been, ill, and approximately 200,000 have died.

On Tuesday Region Skåne published new weekly figures showing the number of covid cases in the municipalities. The biggest increase has been in Hässleholm, where there now are 53 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants , the most in Skåne.

There are no new cases in Östra Göinge.

Kristianstad and Osby have each 15 new cases, Bromölla 7, Lund 20 and Malmö 22.