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Several swimmers victim to theft at Tivolibadet

Last week, there were at least three thefts from lockers at Tivolibadet. The incidents have been reported to the police.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 9 september 2020
TivolibadetFoto: Bosse Nilsson

Locker doors were broken open at the beginning of last week. Among other things, a mobile phone, a watch, a jacket and glasses were stolen. Now swimmers have reacted.

– I have stopped storing valuables there. I take them with me in a bag to the pool, says one of the victims.


It can be difficult to tackle the problem. The area where the lockers are cannot be monitored with CCTV. The thieves also leave few traces behind.

– It's sad when people can’t leave their things alone. We encourage swimmers to use the safety deposit box located at the reception. They can lock their valuables away there, says Per-Olof Cartbo, Department Manager for swimming operations.– The normal lockers are locked with a padlock. These the thieves cut open quickly, he says.

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