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Several fires in Tivoliparken

The police report that there have been a number of fires in Tivoliparken since Midsummer. They believe it is a question of arson.
During the Midsummer weekend someone tried to set fire to he maypole in Tivoliparken. Archive photo.
Foto: Lasse Ottosson

On Sunday morning emergency services were called out to two different fires in Tivoliparken. The first call came at 4:39, about a fire in a waste-paper baket. At about 6:45 it was time for the next alarm, this time in a small building, in a switchbox.

We think that is cases of arson

– There was no electricity, it was mostly telephone equipment in that switchbox, says Johan Swen, one of the officers in charge at the fire station in Kristianstad.

Swen says there have been fires in Tivoliparken before. Last week there were three separate fires , during the night between Monday and Tuesday. These are now being investigated.

Can it be cases of arson?

– Yes, we think that is cases of arson, Johan Swen says.