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Security officers and guards to increase the feeling of safety – ABK would like to have a local police officer

The aim is to increase safety both for people living at Gamlegården and for those who work there. So there are a security officer and a guard in the area. But ABK is working actively on several fronts to increase security. In addition, Gamlegårdden is to be renovated.
The most wanted improvements are a local police officer and more outdoor surveillance cameras.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 13 augusti 2021
For longer and shorter periods security officers and guards will be present in the area.
For longer and shorter periods security officers and guards will be present in the area.Foto: Inga-Lill Bengtsson

Long before the shooting incident on 3rd August it had been decided to have two Securitas guards on the spot.

”it has been quieter”
Johan Wyndhamn, Securitas

– It was a great tragedy. I think that during the years we have been working for ABK it has been quieter, this incident was unfortunate, says Johan Wyndhamn, Securitas' head of operations.

Securitas has been employed there for three years.

– We work well alongside our clients and make adjustments if extra resources are needed. This happens at different times of the year, for example around the Christmas holiday period.

You say things have calmed down, is that still so?

– Time will tell, says Johan Wyndhamn.

Jonas Rosenberg, head of communications at ABK, says:

– We work a lot with questions of security. Having a security officer and a guard is one of the measures which together give the people visiting and working in the area a greater sense of safety.

Jonas Rosenberg and Henrik Strand, CEO of ABK, have previously expressed their horror at the dreadful events of 3rd August.

Henrik Strand, CEO of ABK.
Henrik Strand, CEO of ABK.Foto: BOSSE NILSSON

– We would like to express our sympathy for those who were involved, and their relatives, but also for people living and working in the area, and for our own workers too, who can be worried and afraid because of what has happened.

– We also want to express our disgust at what has happened , and hope that the police will soon be able to catch those responsible.

”We need to have a police presence in the area”
Henrik Strand, CEO of ABK

Security guards

The police are responsible both for training and for supervising security guards. Under certain circumstances security guards are entitled to intervene in the same way as the police.

A security guard may deal with people who are drunk, turn away or forcibly remove people who are an immediate danger to the public order. A security guard may also arrest people who are engaged in a criminal act.

A guard is only permitted to intervene in the same way as an ordinary person and make a so-called citizen's arrest, when it is a question of holding someone who has committed a crime (which is punishable by imprisonment) and who is caught in the act.

After the incident ABK has gone out and spoken to people who work at the shopping centre.

– About how we can create a safe environment. We need to have a police presence in the area, says Henrik Strand.

– We have a proactive policy as regards security in our housing areas, we do a lot of work to make the physical surroundings safe, we have activities and we give information. But when it comes to criminal acts such as shootings or drug-dealing, then it's a question for the police, says Jonas Rosenberg.

So ABK would like the police to put up outdoor surveillance cameras.

In the autumn the night patrollers will resume their activities, an initiative supported by ABK.

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