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Russia attacks Ukraine: Children from Tjernobyl camp in Broby can lose their lives

Russia has invaded Ukraine. Sirens sound the alarm in the cities of Kiev and Lviv and according to Ukrainian border defences Russian ground troops have entered the country from several directions.
– Explosions have been heard in several of Ukraine's towns, says President Volodymyr Zelenskyj in a speech to the nation.
Kiev/Broby • Publicerad 24 februari 2022
Foto: KB/NSK

In a speech on TV Putin urged Ukraine to lay down its arms and warned other countries not to become involved. Otherwise there will be 'consequences on a scale that has never been seen before'

”Now they are bombing Kiev”
Tanya Tyschuk, intepreter in Kiev

Tanya Tyschuk in Kiev usually acts as interpreter for the children at the Tjernobyl camp in Broby. She writes on Facebook: ”Now they are bombing Kiev. Some people want to come to us and be here for we live on the first floor. At least we have food”.

She also writes that they intend to stay put.

Rolf Tillman, 76, in Broby started the Tjernobyl camp.The first was in 1995. He says:

– It's senseless. A catastrophe. Abominable. I'm shocked. Something has misfired in Putin's head. He's a narcissist, just as Fredrik Reuinfeldt, former leader of the Moderates, said on TV the other day.

– Some of the ones who were at the Tjernobyl camp have now been called up and are in the front line. They may lose their lives in this war,says Tillman, who is going to try to get in touch with friends in and around Kiev.

The Swedish national defence is following developments in Ukraine. Jan Bohman is head of communications in the southern military region.

He urges everyone: Follow developments, but keep calm and above all be critical of the sources of information. Misleading facts are a greater threat than the military situation.

He is prepared for hectic days ahead.

– We're on our toes, he says.

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