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Pupils don’t attend school – parents risk fines

A pupil in Kristianstad municipality has been absent from school for so long that it has become a matter regarding school policies.
Guardians now risk a fine
Kristianstad • Publicerad 18 maj 2022
Arkivbild. Bilden har inget med artiklen att göra.
Arkivbild. Bilden har inget med artiklen att göra.Foto: Mikko Lehtimäki / TT

School pupils with unauthorised absence is not something that is uncommon.

It is also not uncommon for the absence to be so great that the principal gets involved.

– It concerns a pupil who is not attending school and it’s gone so far that the Board has had to make a decision about imposing a fine. We are standing up for the young person. The guardian has not assumed their responsibility in this case, says Daniél Tejera (L), Chairman of the Children and Education Committee.

Daniél Tejera (L), ordförande i barn- och utbildningsnämnden.
Daniél Tejera (L), ordförande i barn- och utbildningsnämnden.Foto: Mikael Persson

Compulsory school attendance applies throughout primary school and is based on the Education Act. It is the guardian's responsibility to ensure pupils attend school. If a pupil has absence which is concerning, there are a long list of measures that the school is required to take in different phases.

In the first instance the responsibility lies with the principal, followed by the Head of Education, the Head of Administration and in the final instance, the political committee.

Åsa Hallén Olofsson är skolchef i Kristianstads kommun.
Åsa Hallén Olofsson är skolchef i Kristianstads kommun.

The amount of the fine varies, explains the Head of Education, Åsa Hallén Olofsson.

– The amount will be based on the guardian’s financial status. It may be a lump sum or an amount per day or month if the pupil does not attend school. That is, a specific amount or an on-going fine.

If the guardians still do not ensure that the pupil attends school, the issue regarding fines is referred to the administrative court.


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