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Prosecutor wants more severe sentence

One young man was sentenced for attempted murder after the shooting incident in Trebackalånggatan. Another was acquitted. Now the prosecutor has appealed against the sentence.
On 19th December 2019 two brothers were shot in Trebackalånggatan.
Foto: Lasse Ottosson

A 20-year-old man was sentenced in the district court for attempted murder after two brothers were shot in Trebackalånggatan.

A relative of the 20-year-old, also aged 20, was acquitted. Now district prosecutor Helena Ljunggren has lodged an appeal. She wants the man to be convicted of complicity in the attempt to murder the two brothers.

Before the shooting one of the brothers was beaten up, for which both men were sentenced.

The district prosecutor is also appealing against this part of the sentence. She wants the beating up to be treated as having caused grievous bodily harm.