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Popular exhibition cancelled :”We kept our hopes up”

For the second time in succession the House and Home exhibition in Kristianstad has had to be cancelled. The decision was made in week 3.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 12 februari 2021
Så här såg det ut för några år sedan när Hus- och hemmässan arrangerades.
Så här såg det ut för några år sedan när Hus- och hemmässan arrangerades.Foto: Victor Lindstammer

Now it is clear that this year's exhibition has also had to be cancelled. This is because of the ban on gatherings of more than eight people at public events.

On account of the restrictions and the fact that we don't feel that the exhibition can go ahead safely as regards

the risk of infection we've chosen to cancel the event. We kept our hopes up and were prepared to hold the exhibition in April, says managing director Cristofer Silva.

Early in the autumn we started to make plans for how to carry out an exhibition safely and adequately. What we didn't realise then was that things were going to get even worse, the arrangers write on Facebook. . It was intended to hold the exhibition on 10th - 11th April.

How has the cancellation of the exhibition affected you?

– Our work consists of arranging public meetings, and we haven't been able to do that for the past year. So we've had to do other things instead. But at the same time we're working on being able to hold the House and Home exhibition again as soon as we can, says Cristofer Silva.

Hus & Hem-mässan
Hus & Hem-mässanFoto: Peter Åklundh
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