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'One midwife per delivery' proposal turned down

Miljöpartiet wants a decision to have one midwife present at every delivery, but the motion was rejected by the regional council, the motive being that this is already how they work.
Kristianstad • Publicerad 6 december 2022 • Uppdaterad 9 december 2022

Mätta Ivarsson (MP) has submitted a motion that Skåne, like Stockholm, should work towards having one midwife responsible for not more than one delivery at a time, and that there should be a plan of action to reach this goal.

– The short answer is that we already have that goal in the health and care sector, says Anne Mannfalk (M), first vice-chairman of the council, and goes on:

Anna Mannfalk (M).
Anna Mannfalk (M).Foto: OLA TORKELSSON / TT

– The long answer is that we face many challenges, and direct our efforts to getting more people to work in the maternity unit in different capacities.

She also pointed out that they are waiting for a report from the health authorities which will make suggestions as to how to encourage more to work in this area. So they wanted to reply to the motion instead of approving it.

MP was backed by both S and V in the question. But that was still not enough - with 86 votes against 62 (1 absent) the motion was replied to instead of passed.

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