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Olle Jönsson is vocalist of the year: “I’m so happy!”

On Saturday, Olle Jönsson, singer in the popular dance band Lasse Stefanz, won the award for vocalist of the year in Guldklaven during the annual dance band week in Malung.
With a surprising victory, he is filled with joy and gratitude towards his fans and is looking forward to a summer filled with exciting
Musikpris • Publicerad 19 juli 2023
Olle Jönsson fick priset för Årets vokalist.
Olle Jönsson fick priset för Årets vokalist.Foto: Privat

Olle Jönsson was radiating with joy when he received the award for vocalist of the year in Guldklaven. He has been both ambitious and committed since the beginning, with his voice as his main tool.

– I was ambitious right from the start. But this award was a surprise for me, and I am so happy, says Olle Jönsson.


He remains humble regarding his success and wants to extend very warm thanks to his loyal fans who have always been, and still are, his biggest source of motivation to continue, and also to develop as an artist.

– I really want to thank the fans. They have been and still are the main reason why I keep going and moving forward.

Olle Jönsson när han uppträdde på ”Sommar i Svängsta”.
Olle Jönsson när han uppträdde på ”Sommar i Svängsta”.Foto: Charlotta Bäckström

Olle Jönsson is looking forward to an eventful touring season with the rest of the summer ahead of him. He talks eagerly about his upcoming gigs.

– Tomorrow the gig in Gävle awaits (Tuesday 18 July), and then we go to Malung on Wednesday. And you know what? We also have two fantastic days in Finland on the agenda, says Olle Jönsson.

What is driving you to keep making music?

– What motivates me is the opportunity to continue entertaining the fantastic audience. I am incredibly grateful for all the support and love I receive from my fans. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. It is their enthusiasm and support that gives me the motivation to continue and to develop as an artist, says Olle Jönsson.

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